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Through play, humans discover their individual characteristics and, through the experiences made in the process, become the personalities that are inherent in them.

Play makes it possible to experience the constraints of the external world and at the same time to transcend them


start with one of this ...

Meet local people

Connect with people in your area

Share your location
Get in touch with others
Meet in person


Open your doors to strengthen to network

Add your place to the map
Descripe what you can offer and expect


Share ressources and informations:

  • Things that you don't need anymore
  • Tools for lending
  • Help otheres with your skills
  • Knowledge


Cocreate shared visions: Join forces and transform your environment

  • Come together to speak about visons
  • Find allies
  • Realize your shared visions


Scout for land, projects and people: Explore the world and expand the map

  • Add projects and places
  • Mark available land
  • Onboard new players


Fund projects and start crowdfundings: Projects and open infrastructure needs funding

  • Donate to projects that you like
  • If you need funding, start a new crowdfunding


Make change visible: Share what's already there

  • Text, Photo & Video
  • Spreading progress