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Utopia OS

the Web Framework to build Apps for Real Life Action

Local Connection

Find like-minded people, places and events. In your neighbourhood and wherever you are!

Mapping the Change

Everywhere in the world, people build our future. Make this transformation visible. Worldwide!

Decentralized Networks

Get away with hierarchies and organise your life in decentralized ways - physically and technically

Utopia UI

easy customizable UI Components which fit your projects needs

Map Components

The Map is the crystallization point between real and virtual world where everything comes together.

Profile Components

Profiles allow users to intodruce them self to the community

Market Components

Browse all Offers and Needs in the categorized p2p Market Place

Calendar Components

coming soon ...

Friends and Groups Components

Customize your App and manage your personal Network of Friends and Groups

Tags and Colors Components

Colors and Tags are an intuitive way to keep track of your content

Utopia p2p

imagine to run everything in a fully decentralized environment

Serverless Hosting

To make our Apps unstopable and protect out data we intend to avoid any kind of central server.

p2p Database

Instead we make use of decentralized databases in a p2p Environment.

Key-based IDs

Create a public-private Key Pair as your serverless decentralized Identity.

Web of Trust

Build your Web of Trust by sharing your Public Key offline with people you trust.

e2e Encryption

Share your private data end-to-end-encrypted within your Web of Trust.

Offline Support

Use all this Features even without being connected to the Internet.